Public Engagement
Favorite Winner Tiktok Challenge 2022

Favorite winner : The most favorite winner is Ceria Harnesa, she is a housewife who care about the rational use of medicine

1st Winner Tiktok Challenge 2022

1st winner starmeds tiktok challenge came from Universitas Pancasila, putri windari saputra

First Winner

The winner for vlog competition came from SMAIT Ihsanul Fikri Magelang. Fahlurrahman pointed out the risk of buying falsified medicines, and recommendation of how to buy medicines safely.

Favorite Winner

The most favorite winner came from Faculty of Pharmacy, Pancasila University. Bagus Santoso and Team highlighted how to check falsified medicine through the National Agency of Drug and Food Control online platform named

Second Winner

The second winner came from Faculty of public health, University of Jember. Imaduddin described the importance of medicine control to its impact toward economic and health. He also gave several advices to prevent falsified medicines.

Third Winner

The third winner came from Faculty of Economic Management Universitas Islam Lamongan, Hidayahtul Erlin. Erlin elaborated community perception toward falsified medicines, as well as the prevention recommendation.

Vlog Competition Winer Interview

Fadhlurrahman was the winner of Vlog Competition that was held in 2021. He was winning among hundreds amazing candidates. As a senior high school student in Magelang, Fadhlurrahman successfully achieved several criteria to prevent consumption of faslified and substandard medicines by purchasing the medicine through the official stores.

Drug and Medical Device Policy Forum

Drug and Medical Device Policy Forum. The theme “Utilization of Drug E-Procurement Policy in LKPP”. October 19, 2021.