A randomised survey of the quality of antibiotics and other essential medicines in Indonesia, with sales volume-adjusted estimates of the prevalence of substandard medicines

Elizabeth Pisani, Ayu Rahmawati, Esti Mulatsari, Mawaddati Rahmi, William Nathanial, Yusi Anggriani, on behalf of the STARmeds Study Group.

When Online Shopping is Deadly
Published, 27 July 2022

Buying medicines on the internet saves time and money, but it could be deadly. Indonesia is working to regulate online pharmacies and improve public safety.Writers: Yusi Anggriani, Stanley Saputra

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Laporan Pokja Estimasi Mutu Obat
16 Februari 2023 – PEMO Ke 2

Laporan Pertemuan Pokja Teknis : Estimasi Prevalensi Obat Substandar
26 Januari 2023

Laporan Pertemuan Pertama Pokja Teknis Estimasi Prevalensi Obat Palsu dan Substandar
26 dan 27 Agustus 2021

Pertemuan Pertama Pokja Estimasi Mutu Obat (PEMO)
Juli 2020


Substandard and Falsified Medicines: Proposed Methods for Case Finding and Sentinel Surveillance
Published 2021
Pisani E, Hasnida A, Rahmi M, Kok M, Harsono S, Anggriani Y
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Challenges in Maintaining Medicine Quality While Aiming for Universal Health Coverage: A Qualitative Analysis from Indonesia
Published 2021
Hasnida, Amalia, Maarten Olivier Kok and Elizabeth Pisani.
BMJ Global Health 6(Suppl. 3): e003663.

Is Indonesia Achieving Universal Health Coverage? Secondary Analysis of Nationa Data on Insurance Coverage, Health Spending, and Service Availability
Published 2021
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The impact of pharmaceutical policies on medicine procurement pricing in Indonesia under the implementation of Indonesia’s social health insurance system
Published 2020
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Value in Health Regional Issues 21: 1–8.

Identifying market risk for substandard and falsified medicines: An analytic framework based on qualitative research in China, Indonesia, Turkey and Romania
Published 2019
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Indonesia’s road to universal health coverage: A Political Journey
Published 2017
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Published 2014
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*: Some of these studies were conducted prior to STARmeds, by some of the researchers who are also involved in STARmeds. All these studies compliment one another, to improve our understanding of medicine quality, mainly in Indonesia